Equestrian Training at Eastward
Lisa Postleb Kaptein
Lisa Postleb Kaptein is a professional dressage trainer, holding her degree as a Bereiter FN (Professional Degree in Horsemanship through the German Riding Federation).  She has many years of experience in showing, training and teaching in Canada, Germany and the USA. 
Since 2006, she has built her career in training, lessons, showing, clinics and sales. Showing at all levels, her expertise in training and presenting dressage horses has proven to be successful. 
Lisa has a special passion and love for horses. Born and partially raised in B.C., Canada, she received her first pony at the age of 3. Forming an early bond and partnership, she began her education in horsemanship and the German training system.  

Lisa's well known father, Ronald Postleb of Crown Dressage International, was her first instructor and mentor. Beginning to show at a young age, she took every opportunity to advance her skill. Spending her teenage summers in Germany, she interned at multiple facilities and had the opportunity to train with great masters including George Theodorescu and Klaus Balkenhol.

After being accepted into an apprenticeship program at Stall Ramsbrock, Germany in 2003, Lisa earned her degree as a Bereiter FN.  Stall Ramsbrock taught her to back, train and present 3 year olds to Grand Prix level for sales and competition. After receiving her degree, she continued as a trainer at Stall Ramsbrock through 2005.  

After dedicating 3 years to intense work and training, Lisa chose to return back to the USA with the goal of starting her own business training horse and rider. Basing her business out of Eastward Farm in Brewster, NY,  Lisa is able to share her expertise and work with her colleagues, Catherine McWilliam and Ronald Postleb of  Crown Dressage.  

Mastering the German training system, Lisa's knowledge has enabled her to expand her versatility to being able to train all types of horses. Through training and teaching, she works to challenge every horse and rider in order to address their needs and to obtain their goals. Emphasizing the importance of a solid foundation, Lisa strives to create balance, strength and harmony between horse and rider.
Shinto Farm
Shinto was established in 2000 by Michelle Dinneen and Trish Helmer to help riders meet and exceed their riding dreams. Trish, a 50 year dressage rider/trainer veteran with a passion and flair for education, will help you advance your riding skills. 

Michelle, a successful FEI rider and trainer, will keep you and your horse on the correct path for success.


While growing up in Michigan, Trish started her dressage education with the United States “father of dressage” Chuck Grant. She went on to study with the top trainers: Christlot Boylen-Hanson, Egon von Neindorf, Dianna Rankin, George Thedorescu, Walter Zettl, Hank van Bergen, Kyra Kyrklund and Patrick Le Rolland.

Trish has trained many riders to the Grand Prix levels and is often considered by those on the east coast, to be one of the dressage world’s best kept secrets. She offers an immense depth of knowledge and a love of teaching. Constantly in demand as a clinician throughout the United States, she rarely has time to ride these days, but instead focuses on teaching and passing on the knowledge she has spent a lifetime accruing.

An FEI competitor and trainer, Michelle has worked side-by-side with Trish for over 20 years. She has trained with Henk Van Bergen for over 20 years, along with Patrick Le Roland and Lars Peterson. While training many horses to the FEI levels, she has also evented through the Preliminary level.

Michelle has a passion for working with students who have goals in showing, as well as those who enjoy the educational process for personal progress and goals. As a result of this, Michelle and her students have competed at the Regional Championships and the National Dressage Devon Horse Show. Most importantly, she takes the time to customize a program for each individual horse and rider. As both a trainer and instructor, helping riders and horses to make steady progress using the Dressage training scale is emphasized.

Michelle’s teaching style compliments and balances Trish’s teaching, resulting in a well-rounded program at Shinto Farm.

Catherine McWilliams

Catherine is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist, and has been teaching dressage and competing for over 40 years. She designed and built Eastward from scratch with manager, James Celio.

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