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About Eastward's Facilities
Eastward was conceived, designed, and built by the owner and the operations manager, both equestrian professionals residing on the property. The facility provides a safe, comfortable, weather-sensible environment throughout the year for happy and relaxed horses. It is both quiet and conveniently located to 1-84, 1-684, Rte 7, and Rte 22. Parking is available for cars and for trailers.
Beautifully landscaped gardens, changing through the seasons, complete the picture. 
Barn, Stall, Arena, and Paddock Details
  • Bright airy 80' x 200' indoor arena with TravelRight footing
  • Spacious 150' X 200' outdoor arena with TravelRight footing
The indoor arena is attached to the barns, so there's no need to go outside in harsh weather.
Glass and polycarbonate walls on three sides allow for loads of natural light and keep the arena usable even on the coldest days. Cross ventilation keeps it breezy in summer. High pressure sodium lights illuminate the ring on darker days and evenings.
Both arenas were recently regraded with sand/fiber footing and a new stone dust base. They are groomed and leveled daily, providing supportive footing for flat work, pole work, and jumping.
A heated viewing room indoors and a landscaped shaded viewing area outdoors provide comfortable seating for trainers and observers. Most phone carriers are well-served in the neighborhood, and there is wifi coverage throughout the facility.
The outdoor arena can be accessed from either the near end of the barn or through the adjacent indoor arena. 
Custom Horse Care 
Each animal is an individual, and feed and turnout programs are customized to each horse. Each equine personality is respected, and the grooms, who know each horse's preferences, handle them patiently and sympathetically.
Outside practitioners are welcome. Clients may use any veterinary practice they wish, as well as farriers, dentists, equine chiropractors, etc., or get recommendations from Eastward, who maintains relationships with an array of veterinary and equine care professionals. 
Barns and Stalls 
  • Well-maintained, well-ventilated barn with integrated fire alarm system
  • Individual box stalls with attached run-outs
The barn at Eastward is both bright and airy. It features a dropped white ceiling with fluorescent lighting and windows in every stall.
Two industrial ceiling fans provide abundant air flow, and each stall has an individual fan as well. Most of the stalls have a full Dutch door to an outside sand paddock, allowing further ventilation, and freedom for each horse to choose inside or outside.
The steel sliding stall doors have open yokes to allow the horses to look directly down the aisle, and their pipe construction allows horses to see any activity in the aisle without raising their heads. This contributes to the calm relaxed behavior of our horses. 
The aisle features 4 grooming stalls and 2 heated wash stalls. There are also two heated tack rooms with individual cabinets for each owner.
All hay and shavings are stored outside of the barn proper, and trunks and equipment are stored in the attic overhead, minimizing fire risk. The barn and indoor arena are protected by a modern fire alarm system. Pure water comes directly from wells on the property, which also houses a fully outfitted carpentry and automotive workshop. 
  • Daily supervised turnout on grass, or sand as necessary 
Eastward has 12 contiguous paddocks - grass or sand - visible from the barn entrance and from both arenas. Every horse can have a minimum of 4 hours turnout time under full supervision, near their barn mates but with the freedom of their own paddock. Special attention is paid to the horses' turnout schedules, insuring proximity to their buddies and distance from their frenemies. 
Smudge and Me.jpg
Margaret Ann and Smudge
Margaret Roth, Photo by Brenda V.
Photo by Brenda V. Cataldo

"Six months ago I thought Smudge would have to be put down, but the precise and gentle caring at Eastward kept him thriving while recovering from an almost totally torn tendon. There couldn’t be a better place for a horse to live, and now we are headed for our first post-Covid show."

Margaret Ann, Owner

Both the owner and the Operations Manager reside on the property, so there is 24-hour oversight.
The grooms, the heart of any boarding facility, are dedicated, experienced, and kind, who treat the horses as their own. There is very little turnover, and several have been there for over ten years. 
Eastward is conveniently located in Brewster, NY. Minutes off Interstate 684 and 84, as well as Routes 7 and 22, it is very convenient to downtown Brewster and to the Danbury Mall.
The farm is just over an hour by train from Grand Central Station, and within half an hour of Old Salem Farm and Kirby Hill Farm, as well as several fully equipped veterinary hospitals.
Both Westchester and Stewart Airports can be reached in less than an hour. 
Operations Manager 
Jim Celio, the Operations Manager, designed and built Eastward with owner Catherine McWilliams in 2000. He has 40 years' experience in construction, and 25 years in farm management. He oversees all of the following:
  • Farm operations
  • Overall horse care and planning 
  • Building and grounds maintenance
  • Procurement
  • Materials
One of the key links between the owners and their horses on the ground, he integrates information management in a timely and sensitive way.
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