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Dressage Lessons
Eastward has quietly been one of the few places offering dressage lessons to riders who do not have their own horses. Lessons are private, 45-minute sessions on reliable, responsive horses with a trainer who has over fifty years' experience teaching, emphasizing comfort and relaxation while developing effective aids. The program is particularly effective for riders who need to build, or rebuild, their confidence in the saddle. It has also proven invaluable for H/J/E riders looking to improve their balanced seat. 
Juniper & Sharon, Eastward, School Horse
Juniper with student Sharon
Lesson components include: 
  • Lunge sessions to develop a secure, independent, comfortable seat
  • Focus on foundational basics leading to collected work
  • Whys and Hows of: 
       - using your legs 
       - keeping your heels down 
       - keeping your hands quiet 
       - keeping your head in the game 
About the horses: 
There are two horses dedicated to the lesson program, and they have all the qualities necessary to be great teaching horses, helping clients develop confidence and refine their skills. Both horses are: 
  • Sensible, trustworthy, safe, and friendly 
  • Trained in dressage, and nicely responsive to classical cues 
  • Experienced with adult amateurs beginning, or returning to, riding 
Each horse is ridden daily, and professionally schooled as necessary, and each horse receives the same care as the privately owned performance horses. Over the years, several students have gone on to lease or buy their own horses. 
Special Events
Eastward has held workshops in:
  • Alexander Technique for Riders
  • Long Line Training
  • Practicing Your Musical Ride 
Schooling Shows
The adjoining indoor and outdoor arenas, both measuring at least 80' x 200', provide the perfect venue for schooling shows, where riders can practice their competitive skills in a lower-stress environment, with local professionals serving as judges. 
Equestrian ribbons for equestrian schooling shows
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